Friday, 23 September 2016

Versatile Blogger Award

I'm so excited to be tagged by the lovely Jay & Jessica for the versatile blogger award! This is my first tag so thank you girls for nominating me! This tag is all about getting to know your fellow bloggers out there by including 7 random facts about yourself. When your finished, you then have to nominate 10- 15 other bloggers. Let's get started shall we?

#1- I grew up having a love for horses and still do! I used to go visit my aunt who had horses and ever since I could remember I would be in the stall wanting to help out cleaning up poo, feeding, and putting fresh shavings down for them. I also took horseback riding lessons for a while and wish I was still doing it today! Maybe it's time for me to get back in the saddle again?!

#2- I'm a Masshole! If you don't know what that means it's a term for people from Massachusetts and how they have a certain arrogance when they drive, except I'm more or a grandma when I drive! I was born there and miss it so much! 

#3- My husband is 14 years older than I am and no it doesn't bother me (I'm 29 and he's 43). Age is nothing but a number in my eyes. He doesn't act his age or look his age either so I'm pretty lucky!

#4-My father used to be in a country western band in the 80's and toured all over the U.S. Maybe this is where I get my love and appreciation for music. I would love to learn how to play the piano one day!

#5- I have an obsession over anything spicy! I always have a jar of hot sauce handy to add to almost any meal that includes a sauce, the spicier the better! I actually don't mind getting heartburn either, I know weird right?!

#6- I'm an avid hand washer and am obsessed with keeping my hands clean! Possibly a little bit of a germophobe? I always wash my hands after I go out somewhere and I feel like I can never touch a door handle in the center, I try to use the bottom because it gets less hand traffic? Haha probably one of my weirder facts about me! 

#7- I used to be pretty messy and unorganized all throughout school and now that I'm married somehow I seem to be the complete opposite and love cleaning! I love the scent of cleaning products and use bleach for almost everything! I have so many pet peeves about things staying clean like dirty laundry being left in the bathroom, seriously so disturbing to me!

I hope you know me just a little bit better now after these facts but it's seriously taken me some time to come up with anything interesting. I love learning things about new people so I'd like to nominate the following bloggers to participate in the Versatile Blogger's Award:

Feel free to all of you who would like to do this tag for yourself, I would love to read all of yours to get to know you all more! 

Have a lovely weekend,



  1. nice post Ashley ,lovely to know more about you,and thank you for nominating me xo

    1. Thank you Souhaila! It was hard trying to come up with random facts about myself though! Interested to see yours!


  2. I love posts like these, it was fun getting to know you a little better, hun. :) <3 I too love horses, and all animals in general. They're so gentle and intelligent! <3 x x Thanks for sharing these, hun. :) x