Sunday, 4 September 2016


Hello and welcome to day 4 of the #30BBDAYSOFGRATITUDE, where today's theme is all about friends! 

I believe no matter how long that you are friends with someone, they are in your life for a reason. I have realized as I get older that people tend to come and go because your life changes. Your friends start to get married and have a family so you may not get to see them as much as before. I've had numerous friends throughout my school days but I'm lucky to have had a best friend who is more like a sister to me. I've known her since the 4th grade so about 18 years now! I'm thankful to have a friendship that has lasted as long as it has, and it's nice to have someone there for anything that you're going through.

The two Ashley's!

Friendships don't have to be long term relationships, sometimes it's all about timing! I met my friend Rachida when I started working at a new job and then I became her neighbor funny enough. I'm grateful to have met her because she has taught me a lot and to live life for myself and for nobody else. I think she is pretty wise for her age and I love that about her, She's taught me to appreciate other types of religions and to become more open minded. 

I hope to make more friends here in England because it's so fun to be able to experience things together. Friendships are so important to me. I'm grateful to have met the people that I have because they all are so different and make life fun! What are you thankful for when it comes to your friends? I'd love to hear from you all so leave me a comment! 

Until tomorrow for day 5!


#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge


  1. Lovely post! Friends are so important and I know with the distance you must miss them greatly, I'm sure you will make friends here in UK!!! (and I'm here :-))
    Aurélie x

    1. Thank you Aurelie! I do miss my friends but I'm excited to make new friends here as well! Look forward to chatting with you more :)

  2. This is a great post! Friends are definitely something to be grateful for! It seems the older you get the more older friendships are tested but only the best will stick through and there's always more people to be friends with! I'm sure you'll make friends super easily! <3


    1. Thank you Jay, It's been really fun making these posts about why I'm grateful for different things! I think as soon as I'm able to work I'll be able to meet more people! I need friends to go shopping with haha