Friday, 30 September 2016

Gratitude Challenge Day 29: Body

  We're back with another day of the gratitude challenge! Only one more day to go I can't believe it's almost over! For today's theme, we'll be talking about my body! What are some reasons I'd like to say thank you to my body and why do I accept the way it is?

First off, I'm so thankful for being healthy and am blessed to not have had any major problems with my body in the past. I was born a healthy weight with all of my fingers and toes. Just take a moment to appreciate that fact because there are some people born with less than you!

Thank you to my hair for being thick and for the fact that it grows like a weed. I can't imagine having thin hair or no hair at all. I love being able to get my hair done and trying different colors out. I think if I had a problem that left me with no hair, I would love trying out different wigs! Maybe that's why I love Halloween so much because you can be different people and dress differently.

Thank you to my eyes for being big and brown. I love my eyes and I think they're one of my best features. I was a little self conscious of them growing up because they are pretty big and I didn't want people to make fun of them especially because I had to start wearing glasses when I was younger. 

Thank you to my height for allowing me to be a shorty! I have grown to appreciate the fact that I'm only 5'2 because I can wear heels without towering over people. It does make me feel a little weird though when kids half my age are so much taller then me but it's what God gave me so why not appreciate it?

I'm thankful to be a woman! I love having boobs and a bum and it makes dressing up challenging but fun! Even though us women go through having periods and giving birth, I wouldn't have it any other way. I couldn't imagine being a man at all!  

I have learned to accept my body mostly but still have my days where it's quite hard to appreciate it! I'm not perfect at all! I look in the mirror and think that I look bloated or that I wish I was just a little bit skinnier but I shouldn't be complaining if I'm not doing anything to change myself right? One of my goals for myself is to start eating right and eating more fruits and veggies! Taking care of your body and what you put into it is so important and beneficial! 

What about you? Do you appreciate what you were born with? 

Until tomorrow,


#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge


  1. i love this post. i struggled with todays theme so didnt post. kinda wish i had now lol.

    1. You still can Nikki! It would be great to see what you come up with! Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate the things we were born with. I think it's good to realize the positives when it comes to body image. Give it a try :)


  2. What a great post, mine is so short! I'm still struggling with my body and being pregnant without loosing the weight of the first pregnancy...well anyway your post is great and I am seeing my body differently now! Thanks!