Thursday, 15 September 2016

Gratitude Day 15: The Trip

Welcome back to day 15 of the 30 Days of Gratitude challenge! We are officially halfway through with the challenge now but I've been enjoying being thankful everyday so far! Today's theme is a trip and what was my most memorable one and why. Being from the U.S. we unfortunately don't get a whole month of vacation time like here in England, but it depends on where you work. I was working full time and did get 1-2 weeks paid vacation so that was nice. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to travel but when I do I really enjoy it! 

I am very thankful for the first time that I came to visit England back in 2011 and I am proud to say that I did it by myself! I was visiting my then boyfriend at the time (yes, we had a long distance relationship) and I got to see where he lived and fell in love with England as a whole. I can't believe that was 5 years ago already and I was 24 years old! I can not recommend enough that you should try and venture out of your comfort zone in your twenties because it makes you know that you can handle more than you think you can. I only visited for a week but it was such a fun trip and I'm so glad that I did it! It was my first time travelling out of the U.S. and it was very exciting to to be able to come and see all of the history behind England as well. This trip meant a lot to me because it was the start of a something great!

I can't wait to have even more trips that are unforgettable and it's always lovely being able to get away for a little while and escape reality. Thank you for joining me for today's gratitude theme! Feel free to leave a comment telling me you're favorite trip that you've taken!

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  1. Yes yes, I think everyone should travel alone once in their twenties, it's so important and you learn so much about yourself.