Monday, 26 September 2016

Gratitude Challenge Day 26: My Hidden Talent

Hello again and welcome back to day 26 of the gratitude challenge! We are nearing the end and it's been so much fun being able to reminisce and to be thankful for so much! Today we will be talking about a hidden talent I have and what I use it for.

This one is a little tough for me because I honestly don't think I'm talented in any certain field at the moment. I think it takes practice and a lot of experience to be able to be good at something. I look at this as things I do well and in that case I can say that I am a perfectionist. Obviously I'm not perfect but I try to get things right as much as I can. When I'm baking, I hate to make mistakes so I try to measure out the correct amounts for the ingredients. 

I suppose cleaning is one of my talents! I do it well since I do it often and I'm happy to see the results at the end. 

Until tomorrow,


#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge


  1. haha I was stuck to find a talent too but at the end I think I'm a good cook! So there it is!