Thursday, 30 June 2016

Long distance relationships

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!

    I wanted to share some tips on long distance relationships and different ways on how to cope if you're far from your loved one. I met my husband six years ago in person but we started chatting online first long before then (yikes, I know!). I'm not suggesting to start talking to random people online because you never know who people are these days, but I am proof that online relationships CAN work. We each flew back and forth to visit each other from overseas but in between visits was sometimes quite lengthy due to work, money, etc.

The first time we met!
     First off, you will have to have A LOT of patience in order for this type of relationship to work. I went through so many emotions because it's very difficult not seeing that person or living with them on a daily basis so we talked to each other every single day on Skype. We made it a point to make each other our first priority. I used to get very impatient sometimes and lonely but I knew that we would be together in the same place when the timing was right.  

    Trust is the next important thing in a long distance relationship. Most would assume that because your apart for a long length of time than cheating could become an issue. You really need to know the person very well and it's not easy to trust just anyone. I knew that I could trust my significant other and that he wouldn't be interested in anyone else while I wasn't around.   

    Staying positive about your relationship is one of the most important things. You could have doubts that it might not work out in the end or if you could be wasting your time. If you both set goals and work towards them together then it will give you a reason to reach your happy ending. Things will definitely not be perfect but keeping an open mind with a positive outlook on your future together will be beneficial.   

   Keeping yourself busy is also very helpful. I would work long hours some days and worked as much overtime as I could since I didn't have anyone to go home to. Do things with family and friends when possible to keep your mind occupied. It won't be easy to be apart, especially around holidays and birthdays, which is why it's very important to focus on doing things that you like doing.    

   Lastly, people who know you and who you are close to can be very judgemental with the fact that your in a long distance relationship. If I listened to the people that told me that my relationship wouldn't work, I wouldn't be where I am today. I always do and act with my heart. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something! Surround yourself with positive people and that want the best for you.

I wish you all the best in your relationships!



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