Sunday, 31 July 2016

July Monthly Favorites

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! 

It's that time again where another month is coming to a close. July came and went so fast, I have no idea where it went! Here are the products that I've picked up and are currently loving for this month. 

River Island aviator sunglasses, £10

I was in desperate need for new sunglasses and I'm so happy I picked up these River Island aviators! I have more of an oval shaped face which tends to make it hard trying to find the right pair. I'm very picky when it comes to sunglasses and these were just the right size, not too big and not too small either. 

Neutrogena facial scrub and mask, £3.69

   I used up my facial cleanser and wanted to try out a brand that I don't normally reach for. I am loving this Neutrogena face scrub and mask duo! It has a lovely cucumber and green tea scent and leaves my skin feeling very clean. My husband is now using it as well and loves it! It has micro clear technology which unclogs pores and penetrates deep down to help clear spots. I have larger pores on my nose and I find that by using the 2 in 1 mask that it helps in reducing them. They both do not contain parabens, which is an added plus. This is a product that I would definitely recommend if you're in the market for a face wash.

Tanya Burr matte nail polish in Piggy Bank, £4.99

   I had never tried a matte nail polish before this one and I fell in love with it. This Tanya Burr Piggy Bank nail polish color is a beautiful nude pink shade that is perfect for everyday wear.  The color applies nicely after one coat, but I prefer using two coats and it dries very quickly.

Tanya Bakes cookbook, around £8.50 

   Another Tanya Burr product that I am loving for this month was her new cookbook called Tanya Bakes. This is my first recipe book that I've got for my collection since moving to England and I can't wait to bake more of the lovely goodies from it. I must say that I was happy that I didn't have to convert the measurements and temperatures from US to the UK anymore! There is every type of dessert listed in here that you could think of from tiramisu (my fav) to making your own pop tarts! This book has inspired me to become a better baker. Keep checking back for photos of yummy goodies to come.......
Wax burners from the U.S. $??

   My mother sent me these from the U.S. as a birthday present and I'm so happy she did. All you need are tealight candles and any variety of wax cubes and you're good to go! The ones I have here are cinnamon & spice, honeysuckle nectar, and butterscotch and maple cream. My favorite is the honeysuckle nectar scent and it leaves the area smelling lovely. Each wax cube can be reused twice so you can get a couple weeks worth out of them. They remind me of Scentsy, which I believe are sold here in the U.K. as well. I am all about making your home smell lovely!

   So there you have it, these are all of my faves for the month of July! I'm very happy with these items and would definitely repurchase them again. If you have any of the same items, let me know what you think about them! Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend!



  1. I swear those sunnies are the exact same as mine!? Hahaha, how funny! It's great hearing that somebody else has a problem buying glasses to suit them. I have friends that have like 100 pairs and I've just bought my first ever proper pair which I'll actually wear haha.

    I've also been meaning to try out the Tanya Burr polishes but I've never gotten round to buying them x

    1. Thanks for commenting Megan! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one having a hard time shopping for sunglasses but at least we have good taste!