Wednesday, 10 August 2016

August Makeup Wishlist

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Wednesday. It's already the 10th of August and Summer will be over soon. I wanted to create a beauty wish list of items that I'm craving this month! Reading product reviews on some of these beauties has persuaded me just a bit more to cave in and purchase them Asap! I love finding both high end and drugstore products that are worth the hype and that ACTUALLY WORK! 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, £33.00

It is so hard to find the right foundation type and color that it seems like a never ending battle that is so hard to win. I have heard many people rave about this product and that the formulation is lovely. I know the price point is pretty high for a makeup product but you get what you pay for right? I have never owned anything from Chanel before, but this will definitely be the first item I'll be buying!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette £38.50

I am a proud owner of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette so naturally I'm adding the Naked 3 palette to my wishlist! The quality of these shadows are wonderful and the you get great color payoff as well.   Getting 12 shadows for the price is a great deal too! It works out to about £3 for each when a single UD eye shadow goes for £14. Anyway, I'm SO needing this palette in my life because of the rose gold shades. I've had my older palette for about 3 years now so it's time to add this to my makeup collection.

Milani baked blush £7.49

It's always nice to have a really gorgeous blush in your makeup collection. I don't wear blush all the time, but it's a nice touch if I'm going somewhere special and adding a splash of color to my cheeks. This baked blushes by Milani are another beauty product that people rave about. Every time I would visit my local drugstore in the States, they would never have the most sought after shades in stock. I'm not sure if Milani products are sold in the UK or not, but if they are please let me know!  These blushes are perfect for a nice summertime glow or could be worn in the winter time as well! I'll definitely be purchasing a few of these online very soon!

Jo Malone perfume from £43.00

Jo Malone is a brand that I've always been interested in after seeing reviews from various Youtubers. The first thing that caught my eye were the candles, they have a very sophisticated look to them and I keep hearing how lovely the scents are. I didn't realize that they also sold perfumes and colognes as well. Anything that smells floraly or fruity is right up my alley and I really need a perfume because I have none at the moment! The next time I visit London I think I'll be making stop to the Jo Malone store to purchase this!

Tanya Burr birthday suit eye palette, £5.99

I wanted to include a few items that were not high end because you can still find some great finds at a lower price! Lately, I've been obsessed in finding Tanya Burr's newest collection in stores but I haven't had much luck because they're usually sold out. This little eye shadow quad is the cutest and I love the packaging. I've heard the pigmentation is good and you can use the colors for a day or night time look which is a plus! This palette includes a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter which makes it perfect! Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, £4.99

I'm so glad this micellar cleansing water came on the market because I've heard nothing but good things about it. I purchased an eye makeup remover recently that I don't like at all but I think this one from Garnier will definitely be replacing it! I will be picking up this product on my next shopping trip for sure!

Laura Mercier Illuminator, £32.00

Laura Mercier is another beauty brand which I have yet to try. This illuminator/highlight looks absolutely lovely and paired with the right bronzer will give a gorgeous summertime glow. I love that highlighters are multi purpose because you can use them as in inner corner eye shadow to make your eyes pop or even use them as an all over eye color. Any product that makes your face light up or have that glowy effect, I am all for!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer, £23.50

Last but definitely not least is the Benefit Hoola bronzer. Again, I have yet to try a product from Benefit (I know where have I been right?) Since I have fair skin, I hate when I put on a bronzer and its too dark so it looks like I put on dirt and this looks like the perfect shade! So many people rave about the blushes and bronzers from Benefit so why not give it a try? The right bronzer can be a wonderful way to show off your cheekbones. 

If you have tried any of these products, I would love to know your thoughts on them! When I'm able to purchase these, I will gladly do a review on them as well so I can be another form of persuasion for you all. It's always nice to have beauty products that you love using and are proud to have purchased. I can't purchase expensive things all the time, but I can dream right? I'd love to know what beauty items your craving to buy this month so please feel free to comment away! Thanks for reading!



  1. All great choices! The Naked 3 is a MUST. I love mine - it's a staple. I want to try Tanya's range but I'm not sure how to grab a hold of them just yet. And the Micellar water is something I'd love to try too! Everyone raves about it!
    Great post :)


    1. I'm surprised that they don't carry Tanya's beauty products in the U.S. I'm always willing to do beauty swaps with other bloggers, so keep that in mind! I think it would be so fun. I picked up the Micellar water and it really is worth the hype! They must carry that in the U.S. right?