Thursday, 28 July 2016

Top 5 Travel Destinations

Hello everyone! 

Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous Thursday, I have been loving this England weather lately and what would be better than talking about vacations?!  I wanted to have a post about my top five destinations that I want to visit within the next couple of years. I love traveling and exploring new cultures and seeing the different ways of life in each country. I don't get the opportunity to travel loads, but being in England you don't have to go very far to reach some pretty fab places. I remember seeing Big Ben and Buckingham palace when I visited London for the first time and it was so surreal. You see things in magazines and on t.v. but you never really picture yourself actually being in that place one day.

Number 5 on my list is a place in the Mediterranean that has a TON of history and would be such an interesting place to explore.... ROME, Italy!  There are so many things to see in Rome: The Colosseum, the Trevi fountain, the Roman forum, Sistine Chapel, etc. I would definitely want to try a pizza because well why not (when in Rome right?!). The Italians seem to know what they're doing when it comes to food. I have always wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise and this would be one of the best stops to explore!

Number 4 on my list is a place that's east of Italy and it looks like heaven. The city is painted in white and is surrounded with beautiful crystal blue water....Mykonos, Greece! This would be such a gorgeous place to go for some r&r! It looks so peaceful and tropical all at the same time. I'm a person that can't tan but burns instead but I would be outside all of the time soaking up the sun here! It would be a perfect place to celebrate a honeymoon and I'll be making sure to tell my husband!

Next up is a country in Northern Africa that has a little bit of everything, beach, desert and really yummy cuisine! Number three on the list is Agadir, Morocco! I had a Moroccan neighbor who was also my friend and ever since hearing about where she was from I was hooked. I had never tried Moroccan food before meeting her but OMG I love all of the flavors and spices they use. It would be amazing to experience the culture there and to explore the markets. The carpets they make there are handmade and are absolutely gorgeous! Even though I haven't visited yet, I recommend going here just to experience the culture!

Number two on the travel countdown is......Edinburgh, Scotland! This city looks so medieval and a little bit on the spooky side that it just wants me to visit that much more! The architecture is incredible and there is plenty of sights to see. Visit the caves under the city, yes please! Scotland has it's own unique flair and I love that! Walk the Royal Mile and visit Edinburgh Castle, I could probably just walk around for hours and enjoy being a tourist. 

Number one on the list has been named the city of love...Paris, France! This is the closest to me out of my top five and if it wasn't for the fact that its not the safest time to visit, I would have already. Paris is only a couple hours away and would be fun to just go on a day trip there. This would be another place where I would most likely be in awe when seeing the famous monuments like the Eiffel tower. Paris has a very romantic vibe about it that makes me want to experience it myself. I've heard the hot chocolate is to die for and I will definitely be visiting a few french cafes for the patisseries! 

Just making this list of my top five places to visit makes me excited! Hopefully I will be able to visit them all very soon. If you have visited any of these places feel free to give me some tips or places I should visit while I'm there! I love seeing and hearing about other people's travels and experiences. 



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