Saturday, 23 July 2016

Body Conscious

Happy Saturday everyone!

   Today's post is all about being self confident with whatever body type you may have. Growing up, I was very self conscious about my weight and the fact that I was a little bit bigger than the girls my age hurt my self esteem. I didn't think I was overweight but I considered myself to be (big boned.) I hated my ankles because they were on the bigger side and I always wanted smaller ones. My father would tell me that it just meant that I could run faster. My brother made fun of me saying that I had "cankles". I'm not a big fan of my legs because my calves are muscular instead of slender. Now that I'm older, I have learned to appreciate my imperfections a little bit more, but it's still a daily struggle. We all have things that we don't like about ourselves, but try to outweigh the not so good with the great! I love the fact that I'm not a size 6 and that I have curves (I'm a size 12 for those wondering). I like that I still look younger than what I really am. One of my best features are my eyes, they're big and brown and I love them!


   The media plays a big part in the struggle against what society considers to be the "ideal" body image. Women are constantly judging and comparing themselves to what they see in magazines and on t.v. I think it's sad when people say they want to look like their favorite celebrity instead of recognizing their own beauty and building upon it. 


   We can't help the body that we are born with, but we can improve it and learn to love it. Other people out there are much worse off and are born without limbs, etc, so be thankful for what God gave you. It's not easy and it's something that you have to work at on a daily basis. Why is it harder to compliment yourself than it is to put yourself down? Every morning when you first wake up, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself how good you look without wearing makeup or just simply say something positive about yourself. The more you work at it, the easier it will become to find the compliments. Putting on makeup makes me feel better about how I look most days, but it's also important to appreciate your no makeup face also!
Makeup free!

I'm all about girl empowerment and lifting each other up instead of putting people down. It's not right to judge other people with how they look or what they're wearing. Instead, we should be focusing more on ourselves and what we can do to become better people. With all of the bad going on in the world, why not create more good?  One of my goals is to compliment more people on a daily basis (including myself).  Why not make other people feel good about themselves? If you like someone's shoes or handbag, tell them!

You only have one life to live, so do you really want to spend it putting yourself down? If you can relate to this post, I would love for you to comment and share a pic of you without wearing makeup! Try to make it a point to say one nice thing about yourself or your body on a daily basis to raise your self esteem and to feel better about you! As soon as you know it, you won't be noticing the negative thoughts as much!

Enjoy the weekend!





  1. Wouldn't life be much easier if people and the media concentrated on pressing issues as opposed to our bodies? Imagine that!

    I have grown up with people giving me their unsolicited opinions on my appearance and weight but as I've got older, I've learnt to not give a hoot! Easier said than done, I know.


    1. Life would definitely be easier Halima! I think it's great that you've learned to disregard people's opinions. The same goes for me, the older I get!