Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Blogger Swap with @Jayxoxox18

Hi Everybody and happy Tuesday! I've been taking a break from blogging after posting everyday in September but I'm back! When I was thinking up some blogging ideas a few months ago I thought wow wouldn't it be fun to do some sort of beauty swap with another blogger who loves makeup as much as I do?! I was so happy to be able to do a swap with fellow blogger @Jayxoxox18. I love that she is also a New England girl like myself and she is so sweet so I was excited to do a swap with her. * By no means am I trying to brag about what I received, I just wanted to share these products with you as they are all great products that you could benefit from!

Doing this blogger swap was like Christmas shopping for someone and it was so much fun to do. We came up with a spending limit that was reasonable and we both had so much fun trying to get ideas for the other. Since Jay lives in the U.S. and I'm in the U.K. we decided to buy things that they don't tend to carry in each country, so they are all products that we've never tried before! I was so surprised when I received the package! She went through so much just to make everything look nice and presentable, she really is so thoughtful! 

How cute and thoughtful is this packaging??!!

I had tried Milani products before but not the eye shadows or lipsticks. The eye shadows are great because they are still pigmented but buildable as well so you can put on as little or as much as you prefer. The lipstick shade is absolutely gorgeous! You can never have enough pink shades in your collection either and this is one that I've been reaching for the most recently! Below are some swatches of the products.

Bella Bronze #24

Bella Champagne #16

Nude Creme #26

Wet N Wild is a brand that I normally wouldn't go crazy buying from years ago but I did LOVE their eye shadow palettes! The brand is drugstore and very affordable but I used to think the quality wasn't great so I just never opted to try any more of their products. I'm so happy Jay picked items from Wet N Wild  because they are surprisingly good quality! The flat top brush is great for applying my foundation and works way better than using a sponge as well. The Comfort Zone eye palette was something I was so excited to receive because I think these colors are so pretty to wear in the Fall. The Coverall palette is great for covering up any unnecessary spots and hides them perfectly! I had always been interested in trying concealers that were different colors and I think they really do help! The graphic marker eyeliner is lovely too because I feel like I have enough control when applying it so I don't tend to make messy mistakes. This has been a staple in my everyday makeup routine now! The brow highlighter is such a great product! I don't have to keep going back to my whiter eye shadows to highlight under my brow bone now that this item is in my life! It's perfect!

Elf has been a brand that I've been loving for a while now and I was super excited that Jay surprised me with some of their items. To be honest, I don't have a brush collection at all so I'm happy to have a blush brush now to use because using a brush makes a big difference! I feel like I'm a bit of a makeup virgin because I have never used an eyebrow kit before either. I felt like my eyebrows never needed any help because I like them really and I don't like when people use an eyebrow pencil and literally just draw on their brows! It was nice to be able to play around with this eyebrow kit without making my brows look too unnatural. The Coral blush in Peach Perfection is a liquid blush and looks so pretty on. It's definitely a great Spring/ Summer shade!

Next out of my surprises were a few items I absolutely love! When I was back in the States I used to be obsessed with going into Ulta and when I saw that Jay sent me this Gilded Gold palette I was so happy! There's 6 glittery/shimmer shades alongside 6 matte shades that go very well together and I've been using this religiously! I have heard nothing but good things about the Ardell wispies lashes and they really are that good! I naturally have long lashes anyway but I love putting on a good pair of lashes, again not looking too fake! I feel like they only enhance your eyes and make them look even more gorgeous. Lastly, every blogger was talking about their favorite dark lip they like to wear in Autumn and I was bummed because I feel like I can't pull off darker lips ( fyi, I don't like my smile) so I was too afraid to try wearing a darker lip shade. I love Nyx products in general so I gave this a go. It's a matte lip creme and you have to be very precise when you apply it or else it''ll stain around your mouth (not pretty). It's such a gorgeous color and I will definitely gain up the courage to wear it outside!

Lastly, this was honestly something I loved the most that I received! I miss the Bath and Body Works stores so much because their holiday and fall range has the best scents ever! It doesn't feel like Halloween or Christmas without one of these candles burning!! 

A very special thanks to you Jay, this was really fun and I appreciate you getting involved in the swap! Thank you for introducing me to products that I've never tried or was too nervous to try! You've inspired me to try out more beauty products and to work on updating my beauty routine! Check out Jay's page and show her some love!

Have a fab day,



  1. Baaahhh! Ashley, this has made me SO happy! Hahah I'm SO glad that you did this swap with me as it was so much fun to shop for you! I'm also very glad that you enjoyed everything and that it helped you try some new things out! I look forward to our next one <33 SO much love to you!