Monday, 10 October 2016

The Leibster Award Tag

Thank you to Jen for tagging me to do the Leibster award tag! Check out her blog here and show her some love. I really enjoy doing these tags as you can find out more about newer bloggers and yourself too! Here is how it works:

1. Thank your nominator 🙂

2. Answer the questions he/she has created for you.
3. Create 10 new questions.
4. Nominate around 6 bloggers for this award and include their links in your post!

Let's get onto the questions shall we:
1. Have you figured out your life calling or is it something you’re still discovering? This is a good question! I believe a life calling has a few different meanings but as far as a career I believe I've found a great opportunity, which I'll be starting very soon! I think if you follow your heart and your gut, everything will all seem to fall in place whether it's starting a family, new job, etc.
2.Name one thing you’re proud of that you did this week! My husband was on vacation so we went and visited a castle! It's always nice to be able to go somewhere exploring, just the two of us, so that was a pretty proud time. I was also proud to win £10 on a scratch ticket too!
3.You just won a million dollars! What are 3 things you would do or get for yourself? The first thing I'd treat myself to is a visit to the dentist! Back in the States, the healthcare system isn't the best  so unless you have great benefits you have to pay out of pocket most of the time. I would get my teeth looking better so I can feel better about actually smiling. Second, I would love for my husband and I to go on a honeymoon preferably to somewhere tropical since I've never been before. Third, I would give my family money because growing up my parents lived paycheck to paycheck so I would give back to them!
4. What song are you really feeling right now? Any special stories or significance behind it? It's funny because I was just thinking how much I love the song Cheap Thrills by Sia. It has a great beat and I love the meaning behind it, that you don't need any money to have fun! She is such a great songwriter too. 
5. Name your one strength as a blogger and one thing you’d like to improve. I think that one of my strengths would be the ability to express my feelings. I love to be able to write down what I'm feeling, it's very therapeutic. I would love to improve how I take photos but I think that all comes in time with practice and experience. You're not going to have a perfect flat lay after a month of blogging. 
6.What does a really good day look like to you? Spending the day with my husband, visiting a new place that we've never been before. We don't get the chance to go many places together yet, but I look forward to everything we will do together in the future!
7. When life gets crazy, what’s your favorite way to de-stress? It might sound common but put headphones on and listen to music that you love! I find that distracting yourself from what is stressing you out is always the best way. Getting into comfy pj's and watching a movie is always a good way to de-stress too!
8. You’ve been given the opportunity to travel back five years to visit yourself! Name something about your life now that your former self would be happy to learn.  Wow that's an interesting one! I would tell my then 24 year old self that don't worry about all of the chaos that is happening now and that you will get what you want, just be patient! Cherish family time even more because you'll be living in England as a newlywed! 
9. Describe your favorite piece of jewelry. My fave piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. My husband picked it out himself and I absolutely love it. It has three pinky red rubies with little diamonds all around it. It's different to me and isn't a huge diamond ring that most girls want to have. It has a special meaning to me and I love it!
10. Name one thing you’re looking to buy. Just one thing? I just got a magic bullet, so I'm so excited to start buying different veggies to make smoothies! 

Now on to the 10 new questions!

1.  What is one thing that you're excited about for the future?
2. Do you have any goals set for yourself in the upcoming months?
3.  What are some of your favorite high end beauty products that you think are worth splurging on?
4. If you could own any car in the world, what would it be?
5. Very random, but what is your view on the whole Brexit idea, good or bad and explain why.
6. Do you have any fears and if so, do you ever think you will be able to conquer them?
7. It's almost that time of year! What is on your Christmas wishlist?
8. What's a typical day in your life like from the moment you wake up to going to bed?
9. Do you have any guilty pleasures (chocolate, etc)?
10. If you could spend the day with one person (living or not) who would it be and why? 

I nominate: 

I look forward to reading everyone's answers to the questions!
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  1. "Follow your heart and your gut and everything will fall into place"- I totally believe that. Well said! Music is one of my top ways of de-stressing as well. When I pop my headphones on it's a real getaway. Cheap thrills is a GREAT song- I listen to that in my car and bop around to it all the time! I enjoyed reading all of your answers and learning more about you!! Thanks so much for doing this!
    Jen :)